Property Rights and Ownership in Cambodia

Do you earn Property in Cambodia? Then you need to know about Property Rights including property laws, right to property, protecting individual property rights etc.

What is ownership of land, house, and company?

The land law allows nationals of Cambodia to privately own land, house, and company as long as it is not property that is prohibited by the law.The owner of land may plant, develop and construct anything he or she wishes, unless it is against the law. The owner of the immovable property also has the exclusive and extensive right to use, enjoy and dispose of his property, except in a manner that is prohibited by the law.

An enterprise registered in Cambodia, in respect of which 51% or more of the shares are held by natural persons of Cambodian nationality or by Cambodian legal entities recognized pursuant to the laws of Cambodia, may be the owner of land.

The law gives foreigners the right to buy real estate at least one floor up due to the fact that owning land will still be banned. Buying property within 20 miles of the Cambodian borders will also be banned for reasons of national security.Other restrictions include limiting the foreign ownership of any one building to 49%. And those who have bought by setting up a holding company in the name of a Cambodian national will have two years to move the property into their own name.

What says the law about ownership in relation to gender and age?

The law allows both males and females to own land, property and company. However, the law sets the age on the right to own property to be 18 years or older.