Thinking About Taking a Vacation?

Do you work in Cambodia and are thinking about taking a vacation? You need to know the labour laws including annual leave per year, minimum holiday entitlement, holiday rights

Thinking about taking a vacation? Will you be paid for the leave? How many days can you take off? Know your rights.

Paid leave

All workers are entitled to paid annual leave of one and a half work days per month of continuous service (18 days per year), after they have worked for the employer for one year. Official paid national holidays and sick leave are not counted as paid annual leave.


Before the worker departs on leave, the employer must pay him/her an allowance that is at least equal to the average wage, bonuses, benefits, and indemnities that the worker earned during the twelve months preceding the date of departure on leave. This allowance shall in no case be less than the allowance that the worker would have received had he actually worked.