Rights of Workers with Family Obligations

What are the laws concerning Workers with Children at workplace in Cambodia, including paternity pay, parental leave policy, paternity leave for father, subsidised child care facilities, child care

Cambodian law does not specify anything about workers with children at school, but it does have a provision on protecting married workers and those with dependent children during lay-offs.

Protection during lay-off

When the employers must lay-off workers, the order of the layoffs is by professionals, qualifications, seniority within the establishment, and family burdens of the workers. The first workers to be laid off will be those with the least professional ability, then the workers with the least seniority. Seniority has to be increased by one year for a married worker and by an additional year for each dependent child.

Equal opportunities of parents

As employee with family responsibilities (regardless of gender), you have the same opportunities as your colleagues who have no such responsibilities.


All workers are entitled to paid annual leave of one and a half work days per month of continuous service (18 days per year), after they have worked for the employer for one year. Workers may take these days-off for family obligations.