Pension Schemes in Cambodia

Find out information for employers and employees on Pension in Cambodia including social security pension, pension schemes, retirement pension for employees etc.

What does the law say about pension?

At the moment, only government employees and veterans are eligible for government-run pension plans.

Workers in the private sector who are 55 years of age are entitled to old age pension if: 1) registered in the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) for at least 20 years, and

2) pay in contribution at least for 60 months for Social Security Schemes during the period of 10 years.

Workers who are 55 years of age but have not satisfied the above conditions are entitled to an old age allowance, paid as a lump sum. Registration for the pension schemes under the NSSF only started this year, which is mandatory for all companies with 8 or more workers. Details on the scheme such as contributions and compensations have not been specified yet.


What is said in collective agreements about pension?

No specifications on pensions in existing collective agreements because the legal framework is still being established.

When I die who gets my pension?

If the pension holder dies or becomes invalid, the beneficiaries (spouse or children) of the deceased can claim the pension benefits.