Minimum Wage for the Garment and Shoe Industry in Cambodia

Minimum Wage in Cambodia: Minimum Wage rates for Garment and Shoe Industry in Cambodia. Get details about wages paid to apprentice, probationary and regular workers along with health benefits, bonus, housing and transport allowance paid to them.
Sr No Categories Monthly Minimum Wage (In USD) Exchange Rate Total Minimum Wage per Month (in Riel)
1 Apprentice 30 4000 126000
2 Probationary 75 4000 300000
3 Regular 80 4000 320000


Sr No Bonus and Benefits In USD Exchange Rate In Riel
1 Attendance 10 4000 40000
2 Seniority 2 4000 8000
3 Housing and transportation allowance 7 4000 28000



1. Workers paid on the basis of performance will also be guaranteed the new minimum wage, or more as to reflect their productivity (as current situation).
2. Other entitlements including attendance, housing and transportation allowances, and seniority benefit have not been discussed and remain the same as agreed in 2000 (Notification 17).
3. The Labour Advisory committee is a tripartite institution that is composed of 14 government, 7 trade union and 7 employer representatives
 4.Effective May  2011, the attendance bonus has been increased from $5 per month to $7 per month. 
5. Effective March 1, 2011, the seniority benefit has been revised to $1 for each year of work at a factory up to 11 years (previously it was capped at 4 years
6. Effective September 2012, the attendance bonus for workers have been increased by $3, bring the total to $10 per month
7. Effective January 2012, workers will receive $5 per month as a health benefit to help cover health costs.
8. Effective September 2012, workers will receive $6 per month for housing and transportation allowance.
9. Effective May 2013, minimum wage of $61 for workers has been increased by $14 and include $5 of health care allowance, bringing the total to $80 as minimum wage per month.